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4 Ways To Protect Your Computer From Viruses


Cyber security has always been a top concern for computer owners and its importance rises every single day. The internet is not a secure place and even the most tech-savvy users still have a risk of downloading some viruses and malware. The fact of the matter is that viruses exist and can jeopardize your privacy and sensitive information, all the while degrading the performance of your PC. With that said, there are some signs and symptoms of having an infected computer, which include:

  • Pop-up ads that appear even if you don’t have the internet browser open
  • Involuntarily having your email account sending out spam messages
  • Having scary messages randomly appear that essentially lock you out of computer functions
  • Unable to access the Task Manager
  • And more

While the signs and symptoms of a computer virus can differ, they all can ruin the performance of your PC and hack sensitive information stored on your hard drive. But, there are a few things you can do to protect your computer and here are some of the top tips from Joy Systems who frequently recondition and refurbished desktop and laptop computers!

1. Install Anti-Virus Software

Some computers already come pre-installed with basic anti-virus but most times, they are trial offers that only give you protect for a limited time. With that said, it’s important to install a trusted and reliable anti-virus program to protect your computer. They ultimately defend your computer from viruses and attacks hackers by regularly scanning and monitoring the entire system for threats.

2. Don’t Download Attachments From Emails

Unless you are expecting a legitimate file to download in an email, be extremely cautious and weary of attachments from unknown senders. Many viruses can be found and downloaded through email attachments, so it’s extremely important to double check all attachments before opening. Additionally, some anti-virus programs will allow you to scan the attachment for viruses before you download it.

3. Enable The Firewall

Since certified/pre-owned computers from Joy Systems come with genuine Microsoft Software, they automatically feature Windows Firewall, which helps alert users to suspicious activity if a virus tries to connect to your desktop or laptop. The firewall can help block malware, viruses, worms and other threats from downloading harmful files to your system.

4. Enable Browser Pop-Up Blocker

Most internet browsers feature a pop-up blocker and you should have it enabled to decrease the risk of downloading a virus. While most pop-ups that occur on webpages tend to be created from advertisers, some can be filled with malicious or unsafe coding if you are on an unsecure web page. With that said, it’s a good idea to have the pop-up blocker enabled because these windows won’t open while you’re browsing the internet.

Keep your personal information safe and maintain computer performance by using the above tips!