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Desktop and Laptop Computers Are More Affordable Than You Might Think

hands on keyboard For most Americans, using a computer is a daily routine.  It affects our lives in many ways.  For instance, students can complete homework assignments and study.  Adults rely on computers to perform home/work activities and others simply use it for entertainment purposes.  With so many people dependent on computers, one might be under the impression that everyone owns one.  However, this isn’t the case.  Survey data from the Pew Research Center found 15% of the American population does not use the internet and almost 20% of the respondents cited the high expense of owning a computer is predominant reason for their lack of participation online.

With that said, this portion of the population may be unaware of the options they have when it comes to purchasing a computer.  We all know that new computers can be pricey which makes ownership prohibitive for some.  However, computer ownership is more affordable than you might think.  Pre-owned/certified laptops and desktops cost significantly less when compared to newer models.  In fact, refurbished computers, like those from Joy Systems, can help people purchase computers for their homes at a more affordable price.  Access to a computer is vital because they provide the ability to stay informed and connected as the world continues to grow digitally.

Another reason to purchase a pre-owned computer is to help the preserve the environment.  Recycled and refurbished computer equipment reduces the need/use of natural resources required to manufacture a new model.  In addition, it helps to minimize the disposal of PCs in landfills.  In fact, data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found 51,900,000 of disposed computers; approximately 20,600,000 were recycled or refurbished in 2010.  The data indicates that the number of re-purposed PCs will increase significantly which indicates a strong trend of eco-friendly practices in the industry.

Bottom line, pre-owned/certified computers can provide a solution for many for cost effective computer ownership.  Additionally, Joy Systems provides a 1 year warranty and technical support!